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Prayer Times for High Latitudes

Here you may find prayer time table for high latitude areas (more than 240 cities in Scandinavia, Iceland, Europe, Russia, UK, US and Canada). Depending on the existence of astronomical phenomena necessary to determine prayer times, the days for the whole year are divided into normal period and extreme period. Normal period implements standard ruling of prayer times, while standard Makkah time is implemented during extreme period. Linear transition is applied between the normal and extreme periods.

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Standard ruling; dalil in Quran & Hadith; normal period; extreme period; astronomical criteria; calculation; analysis; fatawa; biographies; standard Makkah time; local time.

What we offer...

Time Table

We offer prayer time tables for most cities in Norway, and selected cities in other Scandinavian countries and Europe. Both on-screen and PDF versions are available.

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While other cards here deal with different topics in detail, the Storyline gather all pieces of information into a holistic picture of the problem of prayer times in high latitude areas.

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Questions & Answers

It is recommended that you run through the following list of Questions & Answers. It is likely that your questions are already handled. If not, simply send us an inquiry... ツ

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We outline a number of verses in the Qur'an and hadith related to the times of prayers. In addition, the corresponding explanation and interpretation are also presented.

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We present fatawa about prayer and fasting times in high latitude areas from various Houses of Fatawa and prominent scholars around the world.

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There are a number of Islamic scholars, either from the old times or the contemporary ones, whose works/books are being quoted in this present website.

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Prayer times is not a simple thing to deal with, as most people may think. A lot of analyses must be done and difficult considerations need to be evaluated. Some of them are presented here.

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Methods on how to calculate prayer times are outlined here. Be prepared that you will see some maths... ツ

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Map & Gallery

Here we present maps showing various geophysical items related to prayer times phenomena and interesting graphs which you never imagined.

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About us

We are Muslims who live in the high latitude areas (i.e. above 45° North) for more than 10 years.

We are a group of Muslims with various professions (ranging from imam, scientist, engineer, economist, etc) who active in masajid and Muslim communities. We truly understand the difficulties of Muslims living in these areas with regard to the timings of prayer and fasting, especially during extreme periods in summer when the day becomes very long and in winter when the day becomes very short.

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