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Prayer Times for High Latitudes

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We are Muslims who live in the high latitudes area (i.e. above 45° North or below 45° South) for more than 10 years. We are a collection of Muslims with various professions (ranging from imam, scientist, engineer, economist, etc) who active in masajid and Muslim communities. We are truly understand the difficulties of Muslims living in this area with regard to the timings of prayer and fasting, especially during extreme periods in summer when the day become very long and in winter when the day become very short.


The main focus is to distribute prayer times tables for Muslims living in the high latitudes area. In addition, we would like to share any knowledge related to prayer times, ranging from the basis in the Quran and Hadiths; the scientific method on how to determine the prayer times; up to the available fatawa and their corresponding analysis and possible implementation.


Historically, Muslims population resides at high latitudes are relatively new as compared to the history of Islam itself. There have been quite low level of attention on the issue of prayer time, and consequently low level of knowledge in the majority of Muslims, including in the imams in masajid. Here we would like to leverage the level of knowledge of the Muslims in general by providing information on the issue of prayer time.

There are available fatawa from various The House of Fatawa around the globe with regard how Muslims living in the high latitudes area determine their prayer times and fasting times. Unfortunately, majority (if it is not all) of the fatawa does not include prayer times table, which is actually needed by the Muslims. Therefore, we would like to bridge this gap by providing the prayer time tables.


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