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Prayer Times for High Latitudes

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Here you may find various information (or documentation) about prayer times, ranging from the ruling according the Quran and Hadith, how to determine the prayer times, and how to calculate the prayer time according to astronomical formulas.

The focus is for the application for high latitudes areas, i.e. area above and below 45° North and South, respectively. Therefore, various fatawa about how to determine the prayer times and fasting times for high latitude areas are also presented.

In addition, you may find the corresponding analyses about the prayer time calculations as suggested by each fatwa. Eventually, here you may find the analyses and conclusions about how these fatawa are actually practicable or not for high latitude areas.

Interestingly, given all of those above, it is not straightforward to establish a time table for a given area (city). There are various problems in the way. The analyses on how to tackle those problems are outlined here.

Finally, the final product that most probably you would like to have if you living in high latitude area is the time table itself. The time table is given for the whole year and complete with the coverage area map (at the moment only for cities in Norway) and graphs showing the whole prayer times in one year.

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We offer prayer time tables for most cities in Norway, and selected cities in other Scandinavian countries and Europe.

Both on-screen and PDF versions are available.

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We outline a number of verses in the Qur'an and hadith related to the times of prayers.

In addition, the corresponding explanation and interpretation are also presented.


We present fatawa about prayer and fasting times in high latitude areas from various Houses of Fatawa and prominent scholars around the world.


There are a lot of Islamic scholars, either from the old times or the contemporary ones, whose works/books are being quoted in this present website.

Their biographies are briefly outlined here.


Prayer times is not a simple thing to deal with, as most people may think. A lot of analyses must be done and difficult considerations need to be evaluated. Some of them are presented here.


Methods on how to calculate prayer times are outlined here.

Be prepared that you will see some maths... ツ